Some crucifixes that caught my eye.

Matt & Colleen's Wedding

Some of the images from Matt & Colleen's wedding this past Saturday in Pittsburgh.

The Battle for Afghanistan - Part I

I recently spent a month on assignment for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in Afghanistan covering the war. Having spent nearly two months in Pakistan earlier in the year, we traveled to Afghanistan to document the coalition forces efforts to secure the border with Pakistan. Myself and colleague Betsy Hiel, our newspaper's foreign corespondent, were embedded with the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division in the Khost Province of Afghanistan. Our stories, photos and videos will be running throughout the week in both print and online. Check out the website to see more.


I've always said that you should never miss an opportunity to watch a sunset. Today's did not disappoint. As I was driving, I rushed to find a place to watch the final moments of it and couldn't resist making a photograph.


I've always had a fascination with religious icons...the places I've found them, the intricacy of them, and the power they hold to those who believe in them.

House Fire

Fire crews battle an afternoon structure fire in the 300 block of Walcott Street in Pittsburgh's Esplen neighborhood. The two alarm fire spread to an adjacent residence.

Mike & Neva's Wedding

Some images from Mike and Neva's wedding.

Dog Days

Andrea Brichacek, 23, of Castle Shannon, a designer with ocreations, a design firm on the South Side enjoys the company of her dog, Moe, a teacup chihuahua at work with her. Brichacek says "Its not a good day unless its a Moe day," speaking of days that Moe is with her at work.

Water Hazards

Madden proves that a hose can be both fun and dangerous as he plays in the front yard on Monday evening. Lesson learned...never let go of the hose you might get wet!

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