City Chickens

Shelly Danko+Day holds "Scrappy" a rooster that lives in her Highland Park backyard along with four hens. Danko+Day, who has had the chickens for over a year and a half, keeps the chickens as pets and for the eggs they produce. More and more city dwellers and suburbanites, including those in the Pittsburgh area, are raising chickens as pets and food-producers. It's legal in the city of Pittsburgh to keep up to five chickens.

West Mifflin VFW

West Mifflin VFW's Post Quartermaster, Mike Mauer (left), and Post Commander Chuck Krebs, (right) stand at the post in West Mifflin on Friday afternoon, December 26, 2008. VFWs are struggling to maintain membership and reinvent themselves and their image into a more than a neighborhood bar.

2008 Year in Pictures

A Not So White Christmas!

Diana James of McKeesport walks past a mural along Lysle Boulevard in McKeesport on a rainy Christmas Eve afternoon. While a white Christmas isn't in the forecast for most of the region the rain is anticipated to end by Thursday.

Snow Makers

Workers prepare the slopes on Tuesday afternoon at Boyce Park in Monroeville for this winter's ski season at the park.

Oh Deer

A spike white-tail deer stands in the thick brush along a road in North Park on Monday afternoon.

Mayview State Hospital

The Mayview State Hospital is a psychiatric hospital located in Bridgeville, PA. It was opened in December of 1893 and now, after nearly 115 years the hospital is scheduled to close by December 31st of this year. Once housing over 4,000 patients, there are only a handful of patients left residing on the hospital grounds. Nearly all of the 35 buildings are vacant with only a few buildings still being used. Driving through the hospital's 300 plus acres it feels as though you are in a ghost town.

Anne Faigen

Anne Faigen of Squirrel Hill is the author of “Frame Work,” a new novel just published by Avalon Press.

Search for Gizmo

Jim Krenn and his wife, Hedy, search for their missing dog, Gizmo, in Banksville Park on Wednesday afternoon, December 17, 2008. Gizmo, a 7-year-old rat terrier wearing a tan coat and tan corduroy collar has been missing since Tuesday evening.

Painting Fun

Students from CAPA paint windows at The Mattress Factory on Monday evening as part of a workshop with internationally renowned artist David Ellis who is based out of New York.

The Moon Part VI

And finally one last image of the moon rising behind a snowman decoration in my neighbor's front yard.

The Moon Part V

Another shot of the moon and a quote by Carl Sandburg..."The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to."

The Moon Part IV

The last couple of nights have provided some spectacular moonrises. As always I couldn't resist shooting a few frames. Here is one of the moonshots and a quote from Mother Teresa: “See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...we need silence to be able to touch souls.”

Sara & Tim's Wedding

These are just a few photos from Sara & Tim's wedding this past Saturday. They are a terrific couple and it was a great wedding to end this year's wedding season for me. While I'm ready for a few weeks off from weddings I am looking forward to my 2009 wedding season.

Spa Treatment

Kevin Malloy and his daughter, Aubrei, 6, enjoy their new hot tub in their West Mifflin backyard on Wednesday afternoon, December 3, 2008. Aubrei who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was 2 uses the hot tub to help relax her muscles. The hot tub was donated to the family by the spa company since the Malloy's insurance no longer covers spa treatment.

Sharon Flake

Author Sharon Flake sits in front of a poster of one of her book's "The Skin I'm In" at her Lawrenceville home.

WWII Veteran

Charles Utz, 82, of Wexford sits in the kitchen of his home surrounded by mementos of his time as a tail-gunner in a B-17 during World War II and his getting shot down over Germany and spending four months as a POW. Perhaps his prized possession is a diary his mother urged him to write after returning home to document his memories of his entire experience.

Andy Masich

Andy Masich, the President and CEO of Heinz History Center

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