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TOP: National Guardsmen unload Joseph Koury, 79, of Brookline out of a humvee and into an ambulance on Monday, February 8, 2010 after assisting on an emergency call for Koury, who suffered a stroke. Paramedics were unable to drive to Koury's home along Wareman Avenue and had to go on foot because of the snow. BOTTOM: National Guard Spc. Anthony Karpinski, left, and Sgt. Scott Hamilton, right, help Jo Koury of Brookline into an ambulance on Monday after assisting on the emergency call for Koury's husband, Joseph.

Humvee View

The city skyline can be seen from a National Guard humvee as it crosses the Birmingham Bridge towards the South Side on Monday, February 8, 2010.


TOP: Rachel Walker, 21, of the South Side digs her car out in Oakmont on Saturday morning, February 6, 2010. Yesterday's record winter storm left her stranded at her mother's Oakmont home. BOTTOM: A man rides his tractor down Hulton Road in Oakmont on Saturday morning. Many found travel nearly impossible after yesterday's record winter storm that blanketed the region in snow.


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