David Bonafortuna sits along Penn Avenue, Downtown on Monday morning, July 30, 2012.

Box Office

A man waits for a bus along Penn Avenue, Downtown on Monday, July 30, 2012.

Then & Now

A person points to an exhibit that shows the City of Pittsburgh in the 50's and today at PNC's multimedia exhibit, celebrating the city's cultural and commercial history, at the Lantern Building, Downtown on Monday, July 30, 2012.

Rainy Downtown

A woman carrying an umbrella walks by a window, Downtown Pittsburgh on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, July 24, 2012.

Cloud Arbor

Parker Gorsuch, 4, of Steubenville, OH plays in the mist of the “Cloud Arbor” created by California artist Ned Kahn near the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh at the new Buhl Community Park on the North Side on Tuesday afternoon, July 24, 2012.

Accident Scene

Paramedics assist the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident along Chateau Street near Columbus Avenue on the North Side on Tuesday afternoon, July 24, 2012 as firefighters extinguish a blaze in another vehicle involved in the accident.

Double Vision

Greg Grier, 36, of East Liberty walks along Wood Street and Forbes Avenue, Downtown on Monday afternoon, July 23, 2012.

Joel Lindsey

Joel Lindsey, 30, of the North Side, a singer-songwriter performs at Market Square, Downtown on Monday afternoon, July 23, 2012.

The Brew Gentlemen

Matt Katase, 22, (right) and Asa Foster, 21, (left) owners and co/founders of The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company, stand in the future home of their business in Braddock on Friday, July 20, 2012.

Joe Manganiello

Actor Joe Manganiello talks to press at an event at Vallozzi's Pittsburgh, Downtown on Thursday evening.

Rainy Taxi

A taxi sits Downtown on a rainy Pittsburgh day.

Stormy Skies

Lightening strike the city of Pittsburgh during a thunderstorm that passed through the region on Wednesday, July 18, 2012.


Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium's Dr. Ginger Takle, Director of Animal Health and aquarist, Josie Romasco, hold a Green Sea Turtle, nicknamed, "Sunburst," for radiographs on Monday afternoon, July 16, 2012. Sunburst was brought to the zoo to begin rehabilitation after a collision with a boat propeller in Florida.

Roadside Memorial

Randy Rausch helps his wife, Ailive, make a roadside memorial for her son Scott Fosnaught and Shawn Baur who died on Cashdollar Road in Butler County 10 years ago.

Fishing Camp

Matthew Schultz, 15, fishes along the Allegheny River in Verona on Thursday, evening July 12, 2012.  Schultz will be one of the main mentors at the Steel City Rowing Club's fishing camp that will run from July 30-August 3 and is open to teens 12 to 14 to learn the art of fishing.

River Paddle

A kayaker paddles along the Allegheny River beneath the 16th Street Bridge on the North Side on Tuesday afternoon, June 10, 2012.

Uncle Mike

A portrait of my Uncle Mike.

Dark Knight Rises

Here are a couple of photos in honor of the release of the Dark Knight Rises.
The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale, sits next to a movie poster at a press conference at the Renaissance Hotel, Downtown on July 28, 2011, days before production of the much-anticipated final film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy began filming in Pittsburgh.

Gov. Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks to supporters during a visit to Horizontal Wireline Services, a North Huntingdon company involved in natural gas exploration, on Tuesday, July 17, 2012.  To read about Romney's visit check out Salena Zito's coverage in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Romney Supporter

Jim Wilson, 70, of Buckingham, VA sets up American flags on top of his truck in the Stratigos Banquet Center parking lot in North Huntingdon, PA prior to the arrival of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday morning, July 17, 2012. Romney visited Westmoreland County on Tuesday, delivering his message about creating jobs and growing the economy at Horizontal Wireline Services, a North Huntingdon company deeply involved in natural gas exploration.

This was Wilson's 281st Romney event that he's attended.  "Everyone wants to know why I'm doing this.  I tell them I have 10 reasons. I have 10 grandchildren and I see no alternative but to change administrations and quickly," he says as he puffs on his pipe standing amid several flags waving.

Fort Armstrong Rodeo

I spent the last two days at the Fort Armstrong Rodeo with my son, Madden, and fiance, Stephanie.  It's one of my favorite events of the year and I've been attending it for nearly 10 years now.  Here are just a few photos from this year's rodeo. 

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama speaks at Carnegie Mellon University on a campaign stop on Friday, July 6, 2012.

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